Packing Services

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or hit the button to make an enquiry.

Packing Services

Check out He-Van’s Professional Brighton based Packing Services

Most of us don’t enjoy packing, that’s why it’s good to get the professionals in. If you opt to use our packing services, there will be much less chance of breakages, and you will be fully covered under He-Van’s insurance policy.

He-Van Movers of the Universe offer full or part packing services. Within our packing services, He-Van will provide you with all the packing materials you require. Our professional packing and un-packing services are just £20 per hour per man plus vat, with a minimum 4-hour charge, plus any chargeable packaging materials used.


He-Van’s packing services include:

  • professional packing and un-packing services
  • part pack or fragile pack
  • careful, trustworthy, and skilledpackers
  • chargeable boxes and packaging materials
  • affordable packing rates
  • a fully insured service up to £20,000 (more on request)

To speed up your move and to save yourself some money, check out our house moving tips for loading, parking and basic packing information. You can also see our comprehensive packing tips for moving for more detailed information.

The more efficient the packing the quicker and more cost effective the removal cost. He-Van, Movers of the Universe charge by the hour. Efficient packing and organisation will save you time, money and will help prevent breakages from occurring.

Don’t pack without contacting He-Van, call us on 01273 311293 or on 07795 678200 or by email at otherwise complete our online booking form.

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